Have you felt it? A new era of travel is upon us. We might only see some external signs, from the use of technology to the evolved preferences of the traveller, but the hidden undercurrent is more powerful than ever — it grows stronger.

A shift in behavior and, more importantly, in values of the customer has been sparking here and there for a few years, now accelerating, with the tipping point closer than ever. Mega-trends, from the rebalance of the world’s wealth epicenter, of the planet’s age dynamic, are meeting a nearer uncertain economic horizon, strong environmental concerns, and new expressions of personal and societal values, all in a world that will never be as slow as today — it grows faster.

To stand out, Greece needs to stand tall, to rethink its culture of tourism — mixing ancient heritage with the sprouts of its future, surfacing what has been there all along, and what is yet only a promise — it needs to grow higher.

Faster, higher, stronger. The Olympic motto is only fitting for a world of heightened competition, where everyone participates, where everyone gets a shot to glory. It’s a race. Have you felt it?

Join me at SETE 2019, during the opening, where I’ll introduce the major global milestones that you all should be thinking about for the future, your future, Greece’s future.

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