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Voukourestiou 20, Τ.Κ. 106 71, Athens

+30 210 3649080
+30 210 3649081

Department of Public Relations



What does Marketing Greece do?
The promotion of Greek tourism through the design and implementation of strategic campaigns on, our main promotional “vehicle” for campaigns. We also facilitate the creation of positive publicity for Greek destinations and tourism experiences through public relations initiatives with international media and digital influencers.
What's the relationship between Marketing Greece and EOT?
With a core mission of supporting the implementation of a unified national tourism strategy, Marketing Greece works complementarily and, wherever possible, in partnership with relevant state bodies and the Greek National Tourism Organisation (ΕΟΤ).
Where does the funding for Marketing Greece come from?
Marketing Greece is a not-for-profit organisation and is funded by the sponsors of the campaigns and promotional programs that it designs and implements.
What's the relationship between and Marketing Greece?
Marketing Greece is the creator and administrator of
Can someone do work experience at Marketing Greece?
It is our pleasure and honour to have with us young people who want to support and contribute to the development of Greek tourism.