Speech of Ioanna Dretta, CEO of Marketing Greece, at the launch of The Greek Summer State Of Mind campaign



Honourable Prime Minister,

Dear Minister,

Dear General Secretary,

Ladies and gentlemen,

It is a particular pleasure to be here, today, at such an important moment for Greek tourism.

A period of unprecedented difficulty that, at the same time, contains hope.

2020 is a year that will remain forever etched in our minds.

A year in which everything has changed.

Our daily routines.

How we interact and socialise.

How we work.

How and where we are entertained.

Where we travel.

The way we see the future.

2020 is a year full of fear, uncertainty… grief and pain for the loss of life.

But it is also a year full of care, protection… and solidarity.

In Greece, we had the good fortunate to react quickly.

Responsibly… and effectively.

To convert individual responsibility into collective success.

To show that we are a nation that can overcome difficulty.

And we did.

The Greek state was courageous in taking difficult but very necessary protective measures.

We were all courageous in sacrificing a precious part of our personal freedom, our lives as we knew them.

And we were proved right.

And this justification, this courage gives us the right to be here today.

To plan – very carefully – for our future.

To be optimistic that things can get a little better.

Step by step.

Ready to send a message of optimism and hope to the rest of the world.

A message made up of light, sounds, memories and wishes.

Simple and unpretentious.

Representative of Greece.

Modest and in moderation.

As required by the times.

That respects the unprecedented situation of the whole world.

A message full of empathy for what we went through and where we find ourselves now.

We know very well how carefully we must speak.

Not to promise… not to provoke.

To choose the right words… the right emotions.

And to fit everything into 40 seconds.

Into just one continuous piece of footage.

That speaks for the unique experience called Greek summer.

That makes you think, wish and dream.

Because Greek summer is «state of mind».

Wherever you are.

Whatever you are doing.

We aspire to create lasting anticipation.

To build a new brand.

A wish that can be fulfilled for each one of us.

Whenever the time is right.

Greek summer will always be here.

Ladies and gentlemen,

For all of the above to happen, we needed the will to join forces.

The courage to form an alliance of the private and the public sector.

Of Marketing Greece with the Greek National Tourism Organisation and the Tourism Ministry.

At such a difficult time for Greek tourism and for Greece, joining forces was the only way forward.

Τhis path was opened by the Prime Minister with his conviction and will that, together, we can achieve more.

And for that, we thank him very much.

Faithful to its mission and reason for being, Marketing Greece will fund the campaign for Greek tourism for 2020 and is granting it free of all copyright to the Greek state, for the promotion of the country and Greek tourism internationally.

The campaign was designed and created with a talented and respected team of collaborators.

Steve Vranakis, Chief Creative Officer for the Greek Government.

Thanasis Papathanasiou, Executive Creative Director of Frank & Fame advertising agency.

Thomas Varvitsiotis,

Ilias Tsaoutsakis,

The staff members of the Greek National Tourism Organisation, whose experience was invaluable,

The Tourism Ministry,

The video you will see shortly relates to the international campaign that is due to start immediately.

The strategy and structure of its messaging are such that, depending on the prevailing conditions of the coming weeks, the video can be released immediately.

At the same time, a separate video is being created to boost domestic tourism.

Ladies and gentlemen,

What you see today is the result of hard, exhaustive work.

It reflects our passion for what we do.

The belief that we can contribute.

The certainty that, together, we can succeed once again.

To emerge victorious from this difficult battle.

To make Greek tourism even more successful.

To make Greece even brighter, even more desirable.

Thank you very much