The sustainable tourism development and the next day of Greek tourism



Tourism is changing and success should be the only way forward

International competition is strong, and the global tourism market is expected to skyrocket in the next decade, bringing new players to the arena who predict, understand, and fully address the trends and changing needs of travellers. Every year, our country ranks among the top destinations worldwide. With significantly increased incoming travel and continuous improvement in the quality of services, tourism is a key driver of development, representing more than 25% of GDP and growing three times faster than other sectors in Greece. Research shows that travellers seek multidimensional and authentic experiences, contact with people, local culture, and gastronomy. We need to reshape our product, respect our destinations, and optimize their global promotion. The sense our country conveys is our greatest comparative advantage. Therefore, all of us in the tourism industry must redefine ourselves and plan our actions in the context of sustainable development, continuing to contribute meaningfully to the social and economic development of our country. Success in tourism should be the only way forward.

The priorities for a strong global tourism brand

Three years ago, our country managed to open its borders amidst a pandemic with absolute success and is now ranked among the top 5 strongest tourist brands worldwide. Today, the priority is the coordination of a national strategic plan that emphasizes travel as an experience through the preservation of natural wealth, the promotion of culture through experiential activities, investments in infrastructure projects, adaptation to new trends, the promotion of gastronomy, the utilisation of new technologies, the enhancement of digital communication and the establishment of targeted international agreements. Preserving our country’s ranking at the top is not opportunistic and requires hard work, collaborations, realism, reliability, vision, open dialogue and extroversion.

Change is the only constant

With 45 years of experience in the industry, we understand that our responsibilities go beyond providing exceptional experiences to our guests. We firmly believe that businesses play a crucial role in addressing the social and environmental challenges of our time. Therefore, we have carefully integrated corporate social responsibility into our business operations, contributing to the change for a sustainable future. This year presented challenges and opportunities, but our commitment to sustainable development remains at the forefront. Our journey has been marked by ambitious investments, pioneering projects, and the enrichment of our guests’ experiences through the gradual adaptation of our hotel operations focusing on environmental protection and our continuous contribution to local communities.

The commitment to our surroundings

With a notable presence across Greece, we recognise that our growth and progress are inextricably linked to the prosperity of the 5 unique destinations where we operate. Our Group empowers local communities by focusing on local recruitment, aiming for 75% of our employees to be permanent residents of our destinations by 2025, and it supports the local primary sector by providing over 15 million euros annually to 140 local producers and suppliers. We proudly sponsor local events and actively support local residents in times of crisis, by offering financial or in-kind support to victims of natural disasters. It also collaborates with distinguished NGOs while the establishment of the Blood Donor Volunteer Association ‘Mitsis Group of Companies’ with the participation of our employees and guests makes a valuable contribution to the blood banks of our destinations.

The value of collaborations

The global pandemic crisis played a pivotal role in changing the mindset of the industry, as it provided us with the space and time to reconsider and redefine the tourism model and its sustainability on a global scale, reevaluating our strategy and uniting our efforts. Collaboration between both the government and local authorities, as well as businesses and local communities, will be the core of our success on the path to sustainable tourism development. The combined experience, expertise, and resources can create a sustainable and competitive tourism product, promoting the growth and promotion of our country. The participation of all stakeholders and close cooperation with interested parties are essential prerequisites for achieving the green and digital transition, as well as the long-term resilience of tourism in Greece. Together, we have all the tools to shape the future of Greek tourism.

The next day of Greek Tourism

Entering a new era with vision and determination and aspiring to represent an innovative, social and committed brand, we continuously customise our services to better meet customers’ needs, bringing the voice of the customer into every aspect of the business, attracting and retaining the right talent through internal culture, tapping into local communities in an authentic way and creating a brand that stands out through time. The next day of tourism is already here with a shift from quantity to quality and the need for environmental protection more relevant than ever. I am very proud of the progress we have made over the years, embracing the principles of sustainable tourism and prioritizing the well-being of guests, employees, communities, and the environment. We have developed organizational systems and processes, effective targeting, personalized services, and unique travel experiences for each of our visitors. With sustainability as our lever for development and a fundamental criterion for our competitiveness, we will continue to invest time and capital in modernizing our infrastructure, acquiring new units, incorporating advanced technology, upgrading operational processes, and enhancing services that continually add value to our product, capitalizing on the excellent image we want to project for our country.