Marketing Greece announces that it is in the process of undertaking research to select a company that will be assigned responsibility for auditing, reporting and consulting its Social Media Operations.


Marketing Greece is a private, not-for-profit tourism marketing organisation founded in 2013 to brand, market and promote Greece’s diverse array of destinations and forms of tourism and experiences through targeted international PR, marketing and digital communication initiatives. Marketing Greece conceptualises and implements content-rich, visually-appealing digital and PR campaigns and projects focusing on destinations and experiences, often working together with local and regional communities, authorities, private enterprise and organisations.

Priorities and objectives:

  • Promote Brand Greece
  • Showcase fresh elements of popular and up-and-coming Greek destinations, as well as lesser-known destinations
  • Positively change perceptions of Greece as a travel destination
  • Expand tourism season in Greece and tackle seasonality issue
  • Attract visitors with high travel spend
  • Support and promote new forms of tourism, based on international trends is a state-of-the-art, quality interactive platform that constitutes a strategic pillar of Marketing Greece’s operation. It showcases a complete Greek Tourism Product portfolio and serves as a digital platform for community building & social media campaigns.

In particular, the platform offers the following functions:

  • Portrays a unique and unified Greek Tourism Product
  • Offers comprehensive information for all destinations that may be experienced in Greece
  • Integrates a directory of Services, including Accommodation providers, restaurants, marinas, Airlines, tour operators etc.
  • Promotes Offers and Deals from Greek Tourism Enterprises of all sectors (Accommodation, Cruising, Airlines etc.)
  • Engages its visitors and users via UGC content



The Social Media channels of play a vital role in the promotion of its content and its mission. Every channel has its own goals and strategy, but all of them together are essentially of equal value and importance as the portal itself.

That’s why it’s imperative to increase their effectiveness, maximize their performance and ensure that their presence reflects the quality of the portal and digital marketing expertise level of Marketing Greece.

General Social Media Goals 

  • Lead the trends by adopting all new content formats, page setup and promotion best practices and algorithm tricks.
  • Align strategy with Marketing Greece’s overall annual Marketing plan
  • Increase the followers of all Social Media channels
  • Maximize the engagement of all Social Media posts
  • Include UGC strategy in Content planning
  • Optimize promotion Marketing Greece’s campaign


Marketing Greece is looking for a digital agency with the expertise to offer the following services with maximum quality:

Audit and Reporting

The agency shall provide a monthly full report with the results of the Social Media performance (according to Marketing Greece strategy goals) and progress of KPI achievement and proposals for improvements for next month.

Audit shall include the following indicative sections:

  • Content Strategy
  • Copywriting
  • Visual Content
  • Community Management
  • Posting Frequency
  • Paid Advertising strategy

Monitoring and Optimization
The agency shall monitor the SM channels, track KPI progress and move forward with essential improvements’ advice in performance, whenever it’s appropriate, apart from the monthly report.




The Final Proposal that will be submitted to Marketing Greece should include:

  1. The credentials of the agency, including Clientele in travel sector and the full range of Services available
  2. Technology Platform or Process that can be used for the reporting and auditing of Social Media performance and KPI achievement
  3. Indicative template for the monthly report.
  4. Team from agency that will be engaged in the account
  5. Monthly Fee for the services offered


Agencies meeting the requirements are kindly requested to submit their proposals by January 15, 2018 to the following email addresses: (Nikos Diamantopoulos, Web & Digital Marketing Manager) (Ioanna Dretta, CEO)

Any questions concerning this document or the tendering process should be sent via email by no later than 15/01/2018.